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Cristi Coman Smith

I can't help but brag on my contractor, Victor Smith, who created this custom door for our bathroom and installed it for us while we were in Sarasota. Because the 2 doorways were different sizes, he created two different facades so they looked perfect from the hallway and inside the bathroom (and he matched the style and stain to our cabinets). He's done a ton of design and remodeling work for us (our new front porch deck is being created right now) and is easily Atlanta's most creative, hardworking and reasonably priced contractor. There's a part of me that wants to keep him a secret, but he deserves the recognition.

Victor Smith


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Customer Reviews

Barbara Crosby Butler The moment Victor came over to see our bathroom and discuss renovation ideas, I knew he was our guy. I really appreciated how he listened to what I wanted as well as looked though all my Pinterest ideas too!. The fact that he took the time to help me with design ideas prior to and during the project helped me tremendously. He was able to take all of my ideas and transform them into the bathroom of my dreams. I feel like I am in a fancy hotel. Can’t wait to have him do more work around our home.

Michael Karpovage from Magnolia Walk3
[Photo from Michael Karpovage]
If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, we highly recommend Victor Smith. He is a true craftsman and artist in addition to being meticulous and neat. After seeing the work he did for our neighbors across the street in Magnolia Walk and also first hearing of his recommendation here on Nextdoor network, we thought he came with great referrals.

We didn’t know what we wanted to do with our lovely 90’s white and gold bathroom (see before/after photos) other than make it go away. Grout was falling out around the tiles, black mold had set in behind the shower wall and the garden tub was never even used. Victor worked with us to develop the design to remove the corner garden tub and enlarge the shower. He even created color drawings beforehand. We also visited two of his previous customer's renovated bathrooms for ideas. While we picked out most of the materials, Victor suggested the fabulous dark bronze textured accent wall tiles that really makes the room.

Victor was a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable about material costs and subcontractor rates, too. When a subcontractor was called in for some challenging plumbing work beyond his skill set, Victor warned us that they were trying to price gouge us. He immediately got rid of them. We went with a more reputable company. Same thing happened with a window vendor. Basically, he had our back when it came to fair pricing.

Victor also took great care in making sure he was a neat as possible, putting down cardboard and plastic on the floors and putting up plastic sheeting in the bedroom to try to contain the dust as much as possible. His work was flawless and we love the results!

Christopher GoodsellAs a designer, I've worked with A LOT of contractors over the years. One thing I have learned is that once in a blue moon you find a contractor who just stands out. We worked with Victor Smith on our basement remodel. Victor showed up, in every way. He was here when he said, he was beyond diligent about every detail of the job, his attention to detail is just amazing, and he kept us in the loop every step of the way. I am thrilled to say that not only do we have a stunning new guest suite, we also have an amazing artisan contractor, and new friend.  I cannot recommend Victor highly enough!

Rick and Jane Jacobs.  

Victor, we appreciate the time and effort you spent to take them and send them to us.  I can’t wait to see it first-hand, but it looks like the finished project aptly reflects the care and effort you and Jeff put into it.  We recognize and appreciate that!   As I indicated when we talked before you started, I had some reluctance to have the work done while we would be 1,900 miles away. We’d experienced having  a renovation done to our AZ home when we couldn’t be here, and it didn’t work out so well.  Your approach alleviated all of my concerns. It undoubtedly helped both of us with Marydell (sister in-law) there to serve as a buffer, but with your open and timely communication, I think it would have worked out well even if that hadn’t been the case.  I’ve had numerous cases involving contractors--- for contractors, for subcontractors, and for owners.  I’m aware of how many things can go wrong with a project, how those can affect the project result, and how prevention often is the only solution.  Despite unexpected things arising (which ironically should always be expected), you handled them in a manner that should be a model for the construction industry. You and Jeff certainly add a sheen to the image of your profession.  I will eagerly recommend the two of you every chance I get.   Sincerely, Rick and Jane Jacobs

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